Located in Midland, Texas, Texas Reciprocating Air Craft Engines (TRACE) L.P. is a privately held manufacturer of aircraft V-8 engines that offer a high performance, economical alternative to turbines. TRACE engines help OEMs, STC retrofitters, freight, business and small commercial airline operators take advantage of better climbing performance, lower fuel and maintenance costs and over 50% savings in initial purchase price versus comparable turbines.

In August of 2006, TRACE Engines L.P. purchased the intellectual property, manufacturing rights, and physical inventory of ORENDA, a Canadian manufacturer of Type Certified and Production Certified aviation engines. TRACE upgraded the ORENDA engine for better performance and fuel economy to meet the changing fiscal demands of the aviation industry.

Today, TRACE offers six models of production engines built and ready for sale, as well as a fully FAA Certified production and testing facility. The TRACE water-cooled V-8 engine is the only FAA certified piston engine capable of producing 600 horsepower at takeoff and 500 horsepower continuously, making it the most powerful reciprocating aviation engine in production.

TRACE currently powers aircraft from Cessna, Air Tractor and De Havilland rated in the 450 to 750 horsepower range. Interested parties are invited to our facility for a flight demo and a cost-savings analysis of TRACE engine conversions.

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