Trace V-8 Aircraft Engines

TRACE reciprocating engines are the most powerful V-8 aviation powerplants in the world and provide an economical alternative to turbines. Available in two FAA certified models, TRACE engines offer better performance, fuel economy and maintenance savings than any engine in its class. OEMs and STC modifiers upgrading  to TRACE can expect:

  • Superior takeoff performance, range and speed
  • Consistent horsepower up to 20,000 feet
  • Savings up to 40% in fuel and 50% in maintenance vs. turbines
  • $200,000 savings vs. comparable turbines
What Are Your Horsepower Needs?

600 Horsepower

Choose the OE600 for single or twin engine general aviation aircraft


750 Horsepower

Takeoff and climb faster with the added horsepower of the TE750A


Trace Engine Warranty

2 Year Warranty

24/7 support and international travel. Additional maintenance services also available. View Warranty

Aircraft Compatibility

Compatibility Chart

Fits most general aviation aircraft rated between 600 and 750 horsepower. View Compatibility

Trace News & Events

News & Events

Up-to-date news, events and trade show schedules. Find the places where you can see our engines. View News