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TRACE has developed partnerships with OEMs and STC modifiers around the world. The following success stories show how we are helping companies improve aircraft performance while lowering their maintenance costs and improving profits. Contact TRACE for information on compatibility with new airframes or to retrofit existing aircraft.  To view some of the latest project advancements at TRACE, visit our YouTube page.

Air Tractor

TRACE has converted several Air Tractors in 2011, including a 301, 302, 401 and 402. The TRACE airframe kit is universal for all Air Tractor installations. Conversions are currently being conducted at our Midland Airport Hanger. Feedback has been strong with TRACE powered Air Tractors, especially from agricultural pilots who are enjoying TRACE's superior take-off and climbing performance.

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img/gallery/airtractor6.jpg img/gallery/airtractor7.jpg


The De Havilland Beaver STC was accomplished by TRACE in conjunction with Sealand Aviation Ltd. Contact TRACE or Sealand Aviation for specific questions on the TRACE Beaver conversion. The De Havilland Beaver DHC-2 is an amphibious aircraft operate typically fitted with a 450 horsepower radial engine. The conversion to the 600 horsepower TRACE engine is a huge performance upgrade for the aircraft.


img/gallery/beaver1.jpg img/gallery/beaver2.jpg img/gallery/beaver3.jpg img/gallery/beaver4.jpg img/gallery/beaver5.jpg

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