Engine Applications

TRACE engines are geared towards OEMs and STC modifiers looking to improve the performance of their fleet and save up to $200,000 per engine. However, anyone in general aviation can benefit from TRACE’s lower operating and maintenance costs. TRACE engines offer:

  • Superior takeoff performance, range and speed
  • Consistent horsepower up to 20,000 feet
  • Savings up to 40% in fuel and 50% in maintenance vs. turbines
  • Half the initial cost of comparable turbines
  • Lower overall hourly costs than turbines

OEM Aircraft Manufacturers

Aircraft OEMs that partner with TRACE can significantly increase profit margins, improve aircraft performance and lower their overall maintenance requirements. OEMs such as Cessna are already replacing turbines with TRACE engines at a cost savings of $200,000 per engine. TRACE also educates OEM engineering departments to facilitate joint development of products that meet specific customer requirements. In addition to initial cost savings, OEMs receive:

  • On-site training on TRACE engine maintenance and operations
  • Greater profit margins with TRACE vs. turbines
  • Lower overall fleet maintenance requirements

STC Aircraft Modifiers

TRACE engines can help STC (Supplemental Type Certification) modifiers improve profit margins for airframes targeted for engine retrofit. TRACE also provides STC engine installers with on-site technical support to expedite the aircraft modification. Additional modifier benefits include:

  • Improved profit generation  through lower initial purchase prices and spare part sales
  • Ability to up-sell paint, avionics and interior during the engine installation process
  • Half the cost comparable turbines, yet better performance and fuel economy

Agricultural Pilots

Radial engines, such as TRACE, are a mainstay in the agricultural market. The TRACE cowling is much more aerodynamic than traditional reciprocating cowlings. These aerodynamic benefits translate to an additional 8 horsepower. Additional benefits include:

  • Automatic idle reduction for efficient fuel usage
  • Automatic throttle control and fuel mixture for easy starting
  • Improvement in aerodynamics

Trace Engine Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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Aircraft Compatibility

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Fits most general aviation aircraft rated between 600 and 750 horsepower. View Compatibility

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