Aircraft Engine FAQ

Purchasing Questions

Q: Can you provide a list of compatible aircraft?

A: Yes, full lists are available on our aircraft compatibility page.

Q: What are benefits of TRACE versus turbines?

Better climbing and takeoff performance, lower maintenance and fuel costs and lower initial purchase price. More info on our TRACE vs. Turbines page.

Q: What is the total engine cost with firewall forward kit?

A: Approximately $240,000.00 USD.

Q: Are the engines and kits currently available?

A: Yes, the OE600 is ready to install.

Q: Are TRACE engines FAA certified?

A: Yes, TRACE secured FAA certification in 2006. Click here for a full list of certifications.

Q: Who currently uses TRACE engines?

A: OEMs, Retrofit Market.

Fuel Questions

Q: What is the hourly fuel usage?

A: Approximately 35-40% more efficient than turbines (35 gallons per hour vs. 55 gallons on average).

Q: Does the engine include an electronic ignition system?

A: Yes, ignition and fuel supply are regulated by the FADEC. Click here to learn more.

Maintenance Questions

Q: What is the timeframe for engine conversion?

A: About 3 weeks.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: 2 years on the engine and firewall forward kit.

Q: How long does maintenance generally take?

A: Similar in scope to automotive piston engines.

Trace Engine Warranty

2 Year Warranty

24/7 support and international travel. Additional maintenance services also available. View Warranty

Aircraft Compatibility

Compatibility Chart

Fits most general aviation aircraft rated between 600 and 750 horsepower. View Compatibility

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