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Turbine Engines
- Initial Cost -
The average retail price for a 600 horsepower turbine is over $400,000; double the price of
the TRACE OE600. TRACE owners also enjoy significant cost-savings on fuel usage,
maintenance and overall overhaul costs.
- Fuel Usage -
Customers can expect 40% savings in fuel usage with TRACE engines. On a twin-engine aircraft such as the King Air,
turbines consume approximately 92 gallons per hours versus 52 gallons using TRACE engines. That 40 gallon an hour in
savings equals $160 in savings per hour of operation (at $4.00 a gallon).
- Power -
HORSEPOWER degradation
TRACE engines outperform comparable turbines (450 to 750 horsepower range) in takeoff, climbing and at-altitude engine performance. The turbocharged OE600 V-8 engine produces 600 horsepower at takeoff and 500 horsepower continuously up to 20,000 feet (28,000 feet total service ceiling), unlike turbines which degrade in performance at higher altitudes.
- Maintenance Frequency -
Turbine engines are limited by cycles. A cycle is counted once every take off and requires a costly engine overhaul after a certain number of cycles or hours, whichever occurs first. For short flights, this becomes cost prohibitive. TRACE piston engines are not cycle limited and only require maintenance after 2000 flight hours. Short flights, such as island hopping, can accumulate many more cycles than hours, making TRACE the cost-effective alternative.
TRACE overhauls are significantly more cost-effective than comparable turbines. An average TRACE overhaul from our
service center takes about 3 weeks and costs approximately $40,000. A standard turbine overhaul over the same time
period would cost between $172,000 and $180,000.
- Corrosion Resistance -
Protected Enclosure
Open Enclosure
Amphibious environments, especially those that are salt-based, can quickly corrode turbines and lead to an early overhaul. TRACE’s internal combustion design prohibits direct ingestion of corrosive water spray to provide substantial corrosion resistance over turbines.

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