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Air Tractor Model AT-301 Gets FAA Certificate Approval

MIDLAND, Texas (June 4, 2012) -TRACE Engines L.P is proud to announce the official notification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that the Trace Engines, L.P. has received an amended Supplemental Type Certificate, for addition of Air Tractor model AT-301to the Approved Models List. 

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TRACE Beaver First Flight

MIDLAND, Texas (May 14, 2012) -TRACE Engines L.P is excited to announce the successful, first flight of a de Havilland Beaver (freight and passenger) aircraft powered by a TRACE engine this weekend.  The milestone marks over a year of effort in designing the conversion kit, procuring the kit components, and assembling the kit to the aircraft.  The TRACE installation allows for a dramatic performance increase with the TRACE engine producing 600 horsepower replacing the original Pratt & Whitney Radial engine which produced 450 horsepower.  The increase in performance is extremely beneficial to the Beaver, which is typically categorized as a “bush” plane, taking off from small fields, lakes, or rivers (if equipped with floats).

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TRACE to Complete Caravan ConversionImage Alt Tag

TRACE Engines L.P. is excited to announce STC Aircraft Conversions LLC has delivered a Cessna Caravan 208B to TRACE to begin a new Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to install the new TRACE-manufactured 750 horsepower (TE750) V-8 engine. 

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TRACE Engines L.P. Successfully Tests 750 Horsepower Aircraft Engine

In January 2010, TRACE achieved a new power milestone by successfully testing a production engine, with an experimental camshaft to over 750 horsepower.

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Yorkton Aircraft Services Testimonial

Since 2002 the TRACE Engine has been certified for use in the Air Tractor 400 series aircraft. This conversion had operated against turbine and radial equipped aircraft from the Mid-West to Northern Canada. The TRACE Engine has shown that it is a more affordable and highly productive engine by handling the same workload as turbines without the high annual overhead imposed on operators from Yorkton Aircraft Services Ltd.

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